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6 Tips to Airbnb With a Toddler

6 Tips to Airbnb With a Toddler

Ah yes, the promise of living like a local. That’s why we used to travel, right?

An Airbnb rental is a good way of achieving this. You’re not going to get stashed away in a hotel district, you’re more likely to be around local coffee shops, artisan grocery stores, great restaurants - the kind of places that don’t sell t-shirts or keychains, but do make it feel like you’re part of the local fabric, just a little bit.

Can this be done with a toddler in tow?? Is it ok to eschew the potentially posh vibe of a hotel, with someone available to answer questions, bring you room service drinks (in this case, milk) at a moment’s notice for the sake of a unique experience? Yes. Yes it is. And here are some ways to make your we’re-renting-an-airbnb-with-a-toddler experience the best it can be.

1. Bring a Bath Mat

Travel and vacation can work up a lot of dust and sweat for your little one. That’s a good sign. And a good way to deal with it and keep them in their bedtime routine is a bath. With all due respect to the live like a local thing, I’d still like the toddler to bath like royalty - or at least like someone in a clean space. That’s where bringing your own brand new bath mat comes in. They’re pretty easy to roll up and stash in a suitcase, but if space is tight, try having one delivered to the address or picking one up when you get there.

2. BYOBabyproof Cabinet Pieces

The place that you live with your toddler is most likely in tip top safety shape, with your frequent lessons in what is ok and not ok to get in to in their muscle memory and your baby safety gadgets in place. Your new Airbnb is not prepped like this. The dishsoap is in inviting cabinets, breakables are behind eye level doors. Just stash a couple of temporary baby proof cabinet locks in your carry on and use these while you’re there. A little extra peace of mind guaranteed.

3. Ask key questions of the Airbnb host.

Dear host:

  • Do you have a baby crib or pack and play available?

  • How is the property to a grocery store?

  • What’s the level of street noise like?

4. Check the accessibility

Is this beautiful view from the Airbnb the result of 8 flights of stairs but no elevator? If so, maybe skip it for next time. Can you easily get a stroller in there? Definitely remember to find out the stair/elevator/accessibility situation. Your back will thank you.

5. Check the reviews for other people that stayed there with toddlers.

One of the best features of a platform like Airbnb is the user reviews. They’re usually listed chronologically with the most recent at the top. But you can also use the search function to filter the reviews by words used in each passage. A quick type of the word ‘toddler,’ ‘baby,’ or ‘kids’ will bring up reviews written by folks who stayed there with little ones. All reviews help some. These reviews help the most.

6. Book an Airbnb experience with photography.

You may be surprised to know that Airbnb offers not just room accommodations, but also experiences. We’ve found a popular one in many cities is to book a photographer. It’s useful to get something like this to capture memories in a top notch way while getting a quick and unique look at your destination. Also, you’ll get to hear your toddler say the word ‘cheese’ in so many variation as an added bonus.

From our amazing Airbnb Experience Photographer in Roma.

From our amazing Airbnb Experience Photographer in Roma.

So whether you’re taking a roadtrip, flying on a plane with a baby, or making a unique spin on a staycation, staying at an Airbnb with your toddler may be an extra fun, and very convenient, way to travel.

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