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Overrated: This Article

Is anyone else getting stressed out about parenting articles or the latest click bait stories on the subject? 

Oh that thing your doctor told you to do or that your parents did with you? Yeah, well it's probably increasing your child's odds of something terrible like underdeveloped molars or a love of country music. 

There's a TED talk by Jennifer Senior, who wrote the book: All the Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenting who has a great perspective on this occurrence. Essentially, many of us parents are stressing ourselves out. I think it makes a lot of sense and she has some ideas on how to keep calm

Why is it that we are at sixes and sevens about the one thing human beings have been doing successfully for millennia, long before parenting message boards and peer-reviewed studies came along? Why is it that so many mothers and fathers experience parenthood as a kind of crisis?
— Jennifer Senior

Of course evidenced-based information is good, but include we can also include own experience in the assessment of what's best and remember that it's all a work in progress and be vigorous in reading beyond headlines about parenting claims. 

Air Travel With a Baby (Yes, It Can Be Done)

Air Travel With a Baby (Yes, It Can Be Done)