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Review: Third Man Records Children’s Turntable

Review: Third Man Records Children’s Turntable

Best Record Player for Baby

Music is one of those things I’m hoping can be a special topic of learning and commonality between me and the little lady. So far, so good. We have Spotify playlists for every occasion from sleep to snacks to being silly.

But there’s more to appreciating music than background noise.

Remember that Fisher Price record player you had growing up?

Portable. Unbreakable. Probably sounded ok, but who’s to say for sure?

Well if you liked that, then you’ll love this: Jack White (yes, that Jack White. The one from The White Stripes, It’s Gonna Get Loud, etc) teamed up with Third Man Records to create:

Third Man Record’s Children's Turntable

Why it’s awesome:

  • The artwork is awesomely vintage and fun and with kids in mind

  • Sound quality is great, with built-in speakers

  • Portable by handle and power-source, can use 6 C batteries or be plugged in

  • Has options for audio out and audio in aux cables

  • 3 speeds to this turntable, 33/45/78 RPM

    But ultimately only you can make this children’s record player live up to its true potential, but choosing good music to listen to with your child (or even when they’re not around).

Lady O has been known to watch the spinning of the records with great attention and joy. Just wait until she can sing along.

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